Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Seattle Dreaming Portals

Seattle Metro Area is great place to DREAM because the Veil is very thin. The ancient wellsprings and water area's on earth are receptive and make excellent dreaming area's. The only problem is that without the Native American's protections anymore of the opened portals, especially downtown, lots of darkness roams this city. Since by Star Astrological profile its a Scorpio City, naturally people fear the unconscious and the darkness, so thus stay unaware, for that might require waking up and seeing it first hand. So things like white collar crime are much more obvious at higher levels of corporate closed doors, rather than say Chicago, where its open in the streets for all to see. Dreaming requires a many things, but number one, the understanding that Intuition is not sentiment nor religion, it is symbolism and the emotional bodies language to dialogue with the mind. Rarely do people understand mythology and emotional symbolism, but this is the future, so we may move back fully into the nuetic gifts that all animals, tree's, fish, avian, stones, mountains etc. have.

Monday, May 23, 2005



"The Spirit of the Dream is within all things. Touching the depths of Her MysteriousDarkness reveals the potential of His Light." - m.n. Welcome to my ... Born Loving as an Oracular Goddess. I am a Dream, Astrologer, Healing Practitioner of Slavic descent, teachings the wisdom of my ancestoral and primordial to help others move into states of awakening and self-realization through Healing, Dreaming, Dreamtime, Dreamkeeping and Emotional Universal Cosmic Unified Fields [the other 50% other of the teachings]. For more informationon on my services as one who helps those in crisis, move beyond the physical or learning to love and respect self, not in self denial but self and sacred sacrifice to give and recieve, my website is www.LilithSophia.com. Blessings, Mary Novak

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